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Securing Your Control Over Your Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning litigator and Illuminote co-founder, Adam Eberts, had seen enough. After a years long court battle to return stolen assets to an older gentleman suffering from dementia, the case stalled in court. The district attorney, facing an election that fall, was concerned about her ability to win the case. 

What seemed to the victim to be a water-tight case that would return his stolen funds and place the perpetrators in prison turned into a Byzantine progression of legal filings, delays, dismissals and ultimately, a politically motivated DA with no appetite for a losing case damaging her re-election chances. She punted and informed counsel that her office would not continue to prosecute and it would have to become a civil matter.

Co-founder Matt Everson, who served as an expert witness on the case, commiserated with Adam over the disappointing result. He expressed a sense of dismay. "If this case can't be prosecuted, if these jerks can't go to jail for this, then what case can be prosecuted? Anyone can just steal, with no penalty?" 

"I have an idea that can change this." said Adam. "I think my idea can stop fraud before it starts, so we don't have to depend on toothless laws that protect the companies, the law enforcers but not the people." That idea is Illuminote.

Ever since that August 2019 lunch, Adam, his wife Ann (also a litigator), and Matt have been working on the details of how that company may look. We launched Illuminote™ on January 1, 2020. Already, the response to the service has been fantastic. Illuminote™ is  now poised to put a stop to estate fraud in America.

The founders are proud that their invention eliminates the plans of crooks and fraudsters before they can inflict damage. They realized banks and other financial institutions had no ability to create a solution. They saw that the legislature was not going to produce effective, 21st Century laws to address the issue. Through their professional experiences as litigators (Adam and Ann) and a financial adviser (Matt), they knew the problem was only going to get worse.  

That's why they have put their former careers on hold to start Illuminote. Up until now, there has not been a solution that can preserve control and privacy of documents for consumers but also give institutions an efficient way to validate documents they suspect may be fraudulent.


Illuminote™ has created that solution: a repository and clearinghouse for agency documents, secured by the best 21st century technology. Illuminote™ puts the "TRUST" back into trusts. We put locks on your docs. You can rest easy knowing your wishes will be honored and your savings and estate assets will go to the people you want them to go to.

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