Answers to some commonly asked questions

What exactly is Illuminote?

Illuminote is an agency document repository protected by state of the art encryption technology.

When you first had your living trust drawn up, chances are the privacy of that trust was appealing. Just as likely, no one really wanted you to know it is also that trust's Achilles's heel. Trusts are simply documents. With today's printers and word processors, it isn't hard to replicate your trust and make it look legitimate. 


By registering your trust with us, it allows you to create a 'master copy' of your living trust. This 'master copy' allows any bank or financial institution to determine if someone is trying to fraudulently represent you. It allows you to maintain control of your document and prove your document is the true and real document, eliminating fraud before it can begin.

Our repository will store your trust with today's most advance encryption technology. That way, you can view it when you need it but also protect it from unwanted changes.

Isn't Elder Financial Abuse a Crime?

Elder financial abuse is a crime. But...

Proving financial abuse or fraud in court is almost impossible. The laws on the books have not kept up with technology.  On top of that, banks and other financial institutions have lobbied states to exempt them from any liability in such cases. Police departments don't have the manpower to investigate and district attorneys have no interest in cases that are so difficult to prove.


Yet, studies show up to one in three older Americans have been subjected to elder financial abuse costing Americans over $5 billion in 2019. 


Yes, fraud and theft are illegal. So is altering the terms of your estate planning documents without your consent.


But in reality, local police, district attorneys, and other agencies charged with enforcing the law won't help. Banks, brokerage firms and the like have carved themselves out of any liability through lobbying the government. And, until today, you've been dependent on luck. Hoping that you have the good fortune not to be robbed is not an effective plan.

By registering your documents on Illuminote, you lock this fraud out. You no longer need to hope that toothless laws, fickle prosecutors or financial institutions which seek only to protect their profits, will protect you. Now you can protect your estate planning wishes yourself.

How Does It Work?

Technology and smarts.

Think of a 'flight recorder' on an airplane. It records every move of the pilot and co-pilot. It notes any and all technical issues and also records the communications of the pilots. If a crash occurs, the FAA goes to this device to see what took place in the moments before the crash.


That is one part of the Illuminote™ solution. For as long as that trust is registered, every amendment, filing or other change, inquiry or search that takes place is recorded for possible evidence in the future. That "black box" uses today's best technology to secure the evidence trail.

An Illuminote registrant will appoint 'trusted persons' at the time they register. These people will be notified via email should a change be filed with the trust. Should that alert be a surprise (in other words, someone attempts to change your trust by filing an amendment on Illuminote) you have ample time to handle the issue because you've been alerted.

Should someone attempt to create a fraudulent amendment and not file it on the registry, banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms now have a way to check the validity of that change. Soon, they will be able to see online that the proposed change is fraudulent and reject it immediately.

We register the trust, we monitor it and we preserve an evidence chain of events for you in the case it is needed in a dispute. At this point, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind now that your trust is protected against undue influence, fraudulent changes and outright theft.

My Attorney Says I Don't Need Illuminote for My Living Trust? Why?

It's most likely because he or she hasn't heard of our system yet. Encourage the attorney to call us.

The founders of Illuminote are estate planning attorneys who were seeking to invent a manner by which folks could have much more control over the validity of their documents.

We can think of only two reasons an attorney would advise against our service. One, they simply haven't heard of it yet and need to learn more. Show them our website, have them call or email us. We're happy to speak to them about Illuminote


The other reason is more cynical - they like making money litigating disputes against your estate when you're dead. Illuminote ends most estate litigation case before they begin. If your attorney refuses to learn more about our registry and how it can protect you, we think it might be time to get a second opinion from an attorney truly focused on your needs, not their own.

Who Is Watching Illuminote

Does Illuminote fall under any governmental or private supervisory?

Illuminote is a stand alone, private business. Part of the reason we exist is there was no governmental or private system set up to protect YOU and your documents. We created one.

We must obey the law. We must do our very best to keep your documents secure. Just like any other online service provider.

We do not sell your private information. We are not collecting your information to sell it to marketers. That would violate the ethics and mission of our company. We do not work with other vendors who might like to know who you are and what you own. Our only source of revenue is your monthly subscription fee and the fees financial institutions will pay us to verify your trust.


In fact, your trust is as encrypted to us as it is to any hacker. We don't know what is in your trust or what it says. Our employees are prohibited from accessing those files. No one has access to your private information but you.

Who are "Trusted Persons?"

Whomever you choose.

A trusted person is someone we will send an email alert to when any changes have been filed on your trust. 


The alert does not specify what changes, only that one has been filed. This assures you are aware of any changes and also that your chosen trusted persons get alerted as well. Giving them a chance to check with you to be sure you're aware of the change. Think of it like the email you get when you change an online password. If you changed it, you can disregard the message. But if you didn't! Well, you better check into that.

A trusted person could be anyone you trust. A child, an attorney, your financial adviser, a good friend. The chosen individuals will have no access to your documents. They serve only to be alerted when a change is made. When they have been alerted, they can check in with you to be sure you're aware changes have been filed. Think of the alarm company that calls when something is amiss at home. Sometimes it is urgent but often, just your teenager who forgot his pass code. Either way, good change or not, the alert is helpful in protecting your most valued document. 



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