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You have taught your clients the importance of having an estate plan to benefit them during their lives and their beneficiaries after. You have accounted for your clients' wishes, every conceivable contingency, and present and future tax implications.

But what if you misplace the file? Is it backed up? What if you sell your firm? Can your client's kids check in with the new lawyer? How do you find out if another law firm is attempting to not only take away a client but do so with malicious intent toward the individual? Mostly, how do you assure your clients that their trust is safe guarded against fraud?

How can you help protect your clients years and decades into the future? Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Secure Your Clients' Trusts

Don't be Bashful

Putting your name and contact information on the documents you draft is not crass advertising--it is providing helpful information. You understand your documents, and your clients' intentions, better than anyone else. If there is ever a question about either, make it as easy as possible to find you.

Keep a Copy

It is the 21st century. Scan every document your clients execute.

Keep in Touch

Send out annual check-in letters. This is not just about drumming up new business, it is about protecting your clients. Do you know if there is someone new in their life? Does your client know that any changes to their plan should be done through you to assure that their true wishes are followed? Remind them that you are their estate planning attorney and that you are available if they have any questions or concerns.



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