For Financial Professionals

You've had 'the call.' The one from a child of a client inquiring about mom's money. Again.

You deal with beneficiaries greedy little hands everyday. If you had a way to know something was going on, before someone died, wouldn't that be great? If you are the type of adviser constantly seeking ways to help protect your clients net worth, you really want to look into this service. 

As your clients age, how will they hold up against the pressures of friends, caretakers, and family? How will your office help them protect their dreams and wishes? Illuminote is a wonderful way for your office to provide real value to your book of business.

But before even signing a client up for Illuminote, here are some things you can do to help protect your clients when they are not in your office.

Protect Your Clients

Get Them in a Trust

Many people believe that, with the ever-increasing federal estate tax exemption, living trusts are a thing of the past. While estate taxes may not be primary at heart anymore, having a living trust to function as the 'business agreement' of a client's estate is usually a solid idea. As your clients age, they will need decisions on health care, finances and distribution of the estate handled so they can focus on family. Not watch their family fall apart because nothing was planned.

Get a Trusted Team

You have heard this before - get to know each of your client's estate planning attorneys. Do thos lawyers know you and the role you play in the life of your clients? You both have your clients' interest at heart, so shouldn't you be working together to protect them? Have a cup of coffee or lunch and get to know as many professionals as you can that have sway over your clients. It will only help everyone in the long run. And, you might just get a referral.

Get Them in Your Office

Elder abuse takes place in the shadows, and isolation is the #1 vulnerability. Check in with your clients. See how they are doing. Do not let them become isolated. often, you may be the only person they have talked with in days. Keep in touch. it isn't only good business, it can ward off fraudsters and cons, too.



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