The Power of Illuminotary

The Illuminote Signature process, called Illuminotary further solidifies your estate plan protection.

Did you know that in some states, a notary public doesn't even have to keep a journal? In many states, looking at identification of the signer isn't required. Some states don't even require finger or thumb prints.

The  problem with such variance and lack of information is that if ever there was a dispute in court about the validity of a signature, asking the notary about what took place just isn't helpful.

The concept of Illuminote™ only truly works as long as the validity of signatures on your important documents is not in question.

That is why we require any document uploaded to our ledger to be witnessed by a certified Illuminote™.

The certified Illuminote™ professional gathers just a few more details than a normal witness. None of them are personal or invasive. Things like who set the meeting up, where the meeting took place, who was present, who paid, and what type of documents were signed. 

Illuminotary™ is quick, inexpensive, and easy. But the details gathered allow Illuminote™ to be sure the signatures on your estate planning documents are never in question.



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