Members Agency Registration and Verification

Illuminote is the first company to develop an online document repository to safely and securely warehouse living trust and other agency documents.

Individual users will upload their amended living trusts to the MARV registry and in the process obtain a unique identifier code for every page uploaded. Any subsequent amendment or alteration not registered will be deemed invalid. 


This will allow Members, and Members only, to amend, change or revoke their trust. At the same time, it will eliminate most instances of fraud, family disagreements, and other frustrations which may arise from a dispute about a living trust.

MARV will also function as a clearinghouse for financial and legal institutions. Banks, courts, insurance companies, brokerage firms, title companies, law offices and more will be able to access an institutional portal in order to verify or authenticate documents. Whether for inheritance, account control, or title changes, institutions will soon be able to search if the trust on registered on MARV, authentic and valid and control questions, and verify the person purported to have control of a trust is indeed the rightful trustee.



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