For Financial Professionals

You know your clients' goals. Not just financial but usually all of their goals in retirement. You are conscientious, you have them properly invested and diversified. You have done what you can to mitigate risks for them. You have advised them to put an estate plan in place and make sure it works in conjunction with your planning.

What if you could make them aware of a tool that assures their most important wishes are carried out without any risk of fraud? If you are the type of adviser that seeks to find all ways to help their clients protect their dreams and goals, you need to look at how Illuminote® can help your practice protect your clients.

Care Facilities

If you manage or own a residential care facility, long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living or senior care home, you might find our service adds to the peace of mind for your residents.

No more concerns about who has the rights to act both medically and financially for your client. We help your staff authenticate any documents that assert authority over one of your residents. Protecting them from crimes and our company from liability.

For Ombudsmen

We've all heard the stories about caretakers, cons, or frauds taking advantage of unsuspecting folks and defrauding them. Now there is new technology to prevent these heart breaking crimes.

You are charged with the care and defense of our older Americans. Illuminote can help you assure the wishes of those you represent are carried out.


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For Attorneys

You performed your utmost best to create an estate plan for your clients that would serve to honor their important legacy wishes. You have accounted for your clients' every conceivable contingency.

But were you aware of how easily all that hard work could be undone. Have you ever wished there was a way to create an indisputable record of events for these agency documents? Ensuring any and all future amendments or revocations are true and intentional? A system that would allow you better evidence to defend a client who has been defrauded? That's Illuminote®.

Now you can help protect your clients years and decades into the future. Even when you've retired. Learn more about Illuminote®, call us at 707-525-0404.



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